About Us

Our wool clothing’s excellent reputation within the rifle hunting and bow hunting communities, as well as ranchers and anyone who loves cold climates, is based upon performance where it counts…in the field. Our cold-weather clothing system allows you to experience the outdoors from –40°F to +60°F with the least amount of layering and the greatest amount of freedom. Field proven by hunters, guides and outfitters throughout the United States and beyond, our clothing system will increase the quality of your outdoor experience and reward you with a level of comfort that you never thought possible. Sleeping Indian wool gear is handcrafted here in the U.S.A. using top-quality material and experienced craftsmen and women.

Sleeping Indian® clothing designs are the benchmark for all other wool hunting and casual clothing. We enjoy enviable customer loyalty due to our clothing’s legendary performance in the field and our continued commitment to remain functional and durable in our designs.

We are very proud of the fine wool apparel we make and the principles we stand by. We are dedication to quality, precision functionality with a passion to make world-class outer wear in the United States of America for the most serious outdoor enthusiasts.


In the great outdoors we learn about ourselves and learn to care for the land we all use.

Our Mission

Sleeping Indian will contribute to the stability and well-being of its team members, and will contribute to the growth of the communities in which it operates.

We vow to build performance garments to the highest standard and to ensure our supply chain is mostly American and renewable. We will support our team members, community, and customers with designs for all weather. We vow to adventure with our products and work to refine and tune our lineup. We will always lean on the performance of various natural fibers, and revere wool as the apex of body temperature regulation, moisture ventilation, odor control, and silence. We vow to Bravely Go Forth and to help you do so too by harnessing the power of natural fibers.

Size & Measurement Chart
Sleeping Indian Size Measurement Chart