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Sleeping Indian

Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest)

Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest)

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Sleeping Indian Wool x Kevin Estela. 

The Olive Drab ES Vest comes with eight front pockets to provide large carrying capacity for survival equipment in the field. Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest) has an added back zippered pocket for a map, VS-17 Signal Panel, or flat folded survival blanket/tarp. Additional front button pockets have been added to pack your fire kit, multi-tool, spare pistol magazines, hanks of cordage, flashlight, or other survival equipment. Internal pockets have been added for extra security to carry your passport, hunting/fishing permits, etc. Each Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest) contains a loop swatch for adding your favorite morale patch or flag with hook backing. Survival kit bags are an excellent idea, but they can be left behind when you need them most.

Our new Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest) is designed to always provide you what you need as long as you are wearing it. The pocket configuration was intentional to help distribute the weight of equipment evenly for better load bearing.  Kevin has designed the ES Vest to be comfortable to wear even while wearing a rucksack on your back. Additionally, this vest provides an added layer of supplex anti-abrasion lining for 3 season warmth.  Not by accident, the Estela Signature Survival Vest (E.S. Vest) pairs well with the Sleeping Indian Survival Wool Shirt and Pants.

  • 2 Front Chest Zipper Pockets
  • 4 Front Button Pockets
  • 2 Front Lower Hand Pockets
  • 2 Inner Chest Zipper Pockets with Padding
  • 2 Rear Back Zippers for Storage
  • Lined with Supplex Wind Proofing
  • American Made Wool
  • Brandless Outer
  • Made in Troy, MT


Kevin Estela is a Survival Instructor with Fieldcraft Survival. He was also the Lead Survival Instructor at the Wilderness Learning Center. He is the Best-Selling Author of 101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods, a highly sought after podcast guest and host, and magazine writer of over 160 magazine articles in 25 different magazines. Kevin is considered a subject matter expert in the field of bushcraft and survival skills and he regularly travels the country to teach private courses in different environments. He is also a product consultant who contributes his experience and insight into various tools used in the great outdoors. An avid outdoorsman, Kevin is a hunter, fisherman, camper, and paddler who lives for adventure and exploration. He can be followed on his instagram account @estelawilded reached via email at

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