What Is Sleeping Indian’s Mountain Hunter™ Series

May 21, 2018

What Is Sleeping Indian’s Mountain Hunter™ Series

The Mountain Hunter™ Series of Sleeping Indian Wool provides outdoorsmen with products which greatly increase the quality of their hunting experience. It doesn’t matter what kind of rifle or bowhunting passion you have, your enjoyment and success in the field will be greatly reduced if you can’t stay warm.

Our Mountain Hunter Series cold weather clothing system is a blend of 90% Woolrich Wool and 10% Nylon for extreme weather durability.

Join the many who consider Sleeping Indian the ultimate hunting clothing.

It is the stealth of wool; it’s about helping to ensure your survival when temperatures drop to a frigid -30 degrees.

With a good merino wool under garment for moisture control, our Timerbline Pants paired with a Highline or Ridgeline Shirt with our Mountain Hunter Jacket is the ultimate in comfort for hunting an any harsh conditions.

If you’re a bow hunter, our On-Stand Bibs are field proven and ideal for long sits in tree stands and ground blinds. The bibs contain breathable wind block lining throughout the entire garment.

To complete the system our outer-most layer can be accessorized with a Snowline Vest that has a layer of Polartec, and a layer of wind block sandwiched in between, stop wind and cold dead.

Our Northbound Hat is lined with black fleece and our Ridgerunner Gaiters keep your pants dry and your feet warm.

Size & Measurement Chart
Sleeping Indian Size Measurement Chart