Five Questions With Sleeping Indian Wool

August 06, 2018

Five Questions With Sleeping Indian Wool

How are your products unique?

Many of today’s outwear companies are saying their garments are waterproof and windproof, but the ones we’ve tried that were waterproof and windproof were nowhere near breathable. We wound up wet on the inside from sweat, even in cold weather, and that is a disaster in the making. People have used wool for a thousand years. Today, a new generation of hunters is learning how versatile it can be. Wool naturally repels water and dries quickly. It provides the utmost in insulation, yet breathes to keep you cool. It’s also tougher than other materials, and it’s stain-and-scent resistant. Each Sleeping Indian piece is hand-sewn with American craftsmanship using the best wool available. Our wool is environmentally friendly, which is rare in the outdoor apparel industry.

How has passion for hunting and the outdoors affected the company’s operation?

We’re avid archery, shooting, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts, and we believe that nature is our greatest teacher. In the great outdoors we learn about ourselves and how to care for the land we all use. We are dedicated through our highly functional products to help more people mindfully experience and appreciate life outdoors.

What improvements have you made since re-launching the company?

Under new leadership, we took a hard look at the products that we’re selling, discarded the ones that weren’t and moved forward to make the existing products better. We researched the internet and social media, read what our loyal followers were saying and made improvements throughout all three apparel lines.

What have been your greatest challenges?

It’s been challenging being a wool apparel company in an industry that has been inundated with tech fibers. We want to teach an environmental message to the younger generation about wool, which isn’t a synthetic; it’s biodegradable and is a far superior product. Another challenge has been competing with the bigger apparel companies who source-out their products overseas with cheaper labor and lower price points. That makes it difficult for an all-American, hand-cut, hand-sewn, handcrafted garment company to compete only on price-point.

What does the future of Sleeping Indian look like?

The newest designer on our team, Todd Barnes, is making improvements to our COMF 4 LOCK Series that will give any person who enjoys the outdoors the warmth, stealth and durability of our other series without sacrificing style. Our current strategy is to continue to grow our following with our traditional camouflage design. In addition, we’ll seek to slowly grow the larger casual line market of wool clothing as well as other non-traditional camouflage. We’re committed to contributing to the stability and wellbeing of our team members, as well as to the growth of the communities in which Sleeping Indian operates. Most al all, we’ll continue to strive for excellence as a fine wool apparel company.

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